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Paints for swimming pools

Painted with Bondi colour

  • Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa at Gold Coast
Fibreglass pool renovation in Maryborough VIC 2016

Jan from Maryborough VIC saw his neighbours pool restored with pool paint it was very simple decision to do it too. Bondi - Mid Blue colour was used. Now the pool looks like new.

Bondi - Mid Blue  in Baulkham Hill NSW

Great DIY job by Dave from Baulkham Hill. Spectacular result on a limited budget.

Marblesheen pool in Toowoomba painted with BONDI Mid Blue

Marblesheen pool had lots of issues, as they all have. Stephen from Toowoomba QLD had to use covers to protect new coating from falling leaves and dust, the result is a good smooth finish.

A beaut for Boystown! - Bondi Mid Blue

Faced with a hot summer and no pool, our company leapt to action and guided the Boystown staff and dog into the art of DIY to get the job done pronto. The result is a beautiful Bondi Mid Blue finish in their 25 M pool. Even the dog was relaxed about the outcome!

A fine Bondi Mid Blue in Sydney

sets off the dark stained timber surrounds beautifully. A timber decking is a great way to finish your pool surrounds when doing a renovation. It economically creates a new edge and allows for dealing with uneven surfaces, yet looks great. You can use Epotec in Dark Blue as this goes well with any surrounds with a reddish hue to them.

Indoor Delight - Bondi Mid Blue

The Paradise Gym in Dubbo has completed an extension with 2 new indoor pools. A 25 Metre general pool and an 8 Metre therapy / child’s pool. The new coating will handle the commercial needs of the pools with ease, providing an easy clean, decorative and long-lasting finish in Bondi (Mid Blue).

DIY - Transformation - Bondi Mid Blue

Here's what new homeowners discovered in their backyard & now they transformed it from a fiberglass mess to a delightful pool.

Marblesheen to Blue Sheen - Bondi

When you really don't want to go near your pool, a good clean and plus surface preparation by the owner followed by 2 coats of great paint in Bondi mid blue, makes an amazing change.

Bondi Mid Blue is on Gold Coast

From a green frog pond to an inviting pool in a month, no less. Here’s an inspiration if you have a green pond and want an inviting pool. The owner realised that filing it in was not an option, as the location beside the home was so attractive. So with a thorough clean, repairs to cracks, new water line tiles and 2 coats of pool paint in Bondi Mid Blue rolled on the end result is so appealing.

Spa painted with Bondi Mid Blue

"We are very happy with it and have enclosed some photos to show you how we went. It is fantastic now and is used most nights to relax in. Fantastic product, I must say and would recommend it in the future for sure!"