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Fluoropolmers and Traditional Coatings

Gloss Retention of fluoropolymers
This is a comparative test in a standard excelerated weather testing mechine. A widely accepted standard in the coatings industry.

• The FEVE Coating is the type of Fluoropolymer we have.
• The Polysiloxane coatings are a newish coating system with
enhanced UV and chemical resistance compared to more
traditional protective coatings, such as epoxies.
• Acrylic Urethane coatings are an enhanced acrylic
coating system, with urethane, in a 2 pack mix for superior
performance in exterior conditions.
• The results in the graph,  with at least 80% gloss level remaining
• FEVE Fluorploymer, 12,000 hrs exposure
• Polysiloxanes: 3000 hrs exposure
• Arcylic Urethanes 2000 hrs exposure
Meaning FEVE Fluoropolymers are able to withstand
9000 to 10,000 more hours of UV radiation than the
others, in an accelerated environment test.
• As a guide, each 1000 test hours equates to about 1-year of exposure in the Australian climate.

• For paints Ultra Violet (UV) sun rays are the killer!
• Most paints usually degrade quickly and need a
recoat within 6 – 7 years
• A&I Fluoroploymers (FP) are engineered better
to resist this
• The FP long chains of very high strength
molecular bonds cannot be broken by UV attack
• FEVE Fluoropolymers are basically inert and very stable
• Means a very long-lasting & proven coating, ideal for tough situations

FEVE Polymer

Key Benefits of A&I Fluoropolymer Coatings are:
⇢ Highly Durable – proven to last more than 30 and expected up to 60 years in very aggressive environments.
⇢ Protective – shelter the underlying substrate from the ravages of the environment.
⇢ Great Value – very competitive when compared to the best of the existing coatings.
⇢ Very Stable – resists any deterioration.
⇢ The ultimate resistance to the degradation caused by UV light – long term gloss retention.
⇢ Very long-lasting – save expensive, disruptive and unplanned maintenance costs.

Overall the most economic of coatings when compared to all others during their life.

Fluoropolymer painted water slider
Water slider painted in fluoropolymers with no signs of UV or any other damage