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Paints for swimming pools

Pool Repair Equipment

Having the right equipment for the job at hand will make for a better result.

Empty Pool:

Submersible Pump (hire or buy $250.00 ) Will empty a pool in about 8 – 10 hours 50,000 Litres.

Surface Preparation:

Water blasting: Water blaster (1500 psi for general cleaning, 5000+ psi for old paint removal) (hire), overalls, gloves and full-face mask or goggles. Consider Ultra High-Pressure Water blasting at about 40,000 psi, (contractor)

Water blaster (5000 psi) hire from Kennards.

Grinding- Sanding: Angle grinder (hire) and plenty of discs, (Flex O vit from ZEC), (Norton Sanding Discs), (Josco Flapper or Bluestrip) or Orbital Sander, goggles, dust masks, overalls. (ALL from Bunnings) NB: Use dustless / vacuum sanders.

Orbital Sander such as AEG from Bunnings

Mixing: Electric hand drill and stirrer. (450 – 600 rpm) Bunnings, DTA 80mm ribbon mixer.

Drill attachment
Drill attachment

Application: Roller Trays, (a spare one) Handles and Extensions. 270 mm wide is suitable (wider makes corner work difficult) 5L straight sided bucket(s).

Heavy Duty Paint Tray 270mm
Heavy Duty Paint Tray 230 - 270mm at Bunnings

Brushes: 35- 50 mm, professional quality ($10 – 15) Paint Shop.

Cutting in Brush
Cutting in Brush

Roller Sleeves: (e.g. Draylon, Mohair or similar, solvent tolerant). Use 8/10/12 mm nap (15 – 25 mm for Pebblecrete). (Use short nap for smooth and longer length nap for rougher/uneven surfaces) Buy good ($15 – 25) quality. Can use lambs wool sleeves on rough/uneven surfaces. ALSO 3ins (75mm) sleeve for corners.

Sheepskin Roller Covers
Sheepskin Roller Covers

Masking tape: Painters Green Masking Tape – Paint shop.

Frogtape 48MM Masking Tape
Frogtape 48MM Masking Tape or similar

Surface Temperature: Before you paint, measure the surface (not air!) temperature. It must be above 5C

Infrared Thermometer
Infrared Thermometer