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Paints for swimming pools

What to expect after sand (abrasive) blasting

Sometimes it will be best to have you pool sand blasted by a contractor. This will remove the old paint (most of it) in one go and generally leave it almost ready to paint. For Chlorinated Rubber, it’s probably the best way to get it off. Also, can prepare an epoxy coated pool quickly as well. The sand blaster may clean up his mess, ask before you accept the quote.

Costs, very from location to location, however seem to range from $1000 – 2000. You may need to do some prep work near tiles and outlets, as sandblaster can not go right up to them. When considering how much paint to use, note how rough surface is and allow a coverage rate of about 5 Sq M  per KG for first coat and probably 5.5 sq M per KG for second coat.