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Paints for swimming pools

Commercial Projects

  • Warragamba Pool
Crookwell Municipal Pool

Bondi Mid Blue used to bring new life into rural community pool that was

Warragamba Pool

Warragamba Community Pool in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. A 25 M pool in poor condition was given a new lease of life with good surface preparation and 2 coats of high build epoxy paint, in Bondi Mid Blue.

Picton Olympic Pool

Picton Olympic Pool, at the base of the Southern Highlands of NSW, was in need of upgrading to be an attractive and easy to maintain pool for the community. It required considerable repairs and this was undertaken by Caps Beta, before applying 2 coats of in Bondi Mid Blue

Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa at Gold Coast

They hotel has some amazing lagoon and water features. In fact, the resort is build largely around them, and they run about an acre (4800 sq M) in size. High build epoxy was chosen by the hotel as the best way to maintain one of their main attractions to the delight of guests. The work was undertaken by staff and Colormode, including cleaning, preparation and applying 2 coats in a darker shade of Bondi Mid Blue

Day Dream Island Resort in Whitsundays - North Queensland

had two pools in need of resurfacing. Carried out by hotel staff the resort can now boast a new way to dream away your troubles.........floating around above an high build epoxy coated surface, under the swaying palm trees with not a care in mind.

Whitlam Aquatic Centre - Liverpool

This outdoor 50 M Olympic pool was in need of a recoat. Trisley’s, a Sydney based contractor prepared the surfaces and applied 2 coats of hi build in Bondi Mid Blue colour to the surfaces. The result is a wonderfully attractive pool for keen athletes and family swimmers alike.

Currumbin Primary School

The pool was in need of a make over and after substantial preparation by the contractors, they applied high build epoxy in colour Bondi mid blue.

Kawana Dive Pool

Kawana Pool on the Sunshine Coast was in need of a recoat and hi build epoxy was selected. Now the divers can dive into a nice Bondi Mid Blue Pool anytime.