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Paints for swimming pools


The best known is “Teflon”, which has been used on kitchen cookware as a great nonstick, easy to clean answer. It is also used in waterproof clothing, pizza boxes and lots more. More recently many steel structurers and external decorative panels, have this exciting topcoat product, protecting them. Arguably the best protective coating available for all sorts of purposes and now adapted for use in swimming pools

“The world’s first solvent soluble fluoropolymer coating was developed over 40 years ago. This same chemistry is now at the forefront of protective coating technology today and it’s due to the extremely durable nature of fluoropolymer coatings. Essentially they are unaffected by UV light, the “killer” of all other coatings and paints. Chemically, a fluoropolymer coating is a fluoroethylene-vinyl ether alternating copolymer also known as FEVE.”

First painted in 1993
Bridge painted in fluoropolymers after 15 years
2008 paint looks the same after 17 years
Most recent picture of fluoropolymers after 23 years
2016 after 23 years no signs of UV or any other damage

FEVE Fluoropolymer (FP) promises to be the most UV resistant coating ever. It does not oxidize in the water and keeps its finish 85% better than any other hard-wearing product. The preparation and application are almost identical to epoxies and can be applied directly over those and fibreglass. Uncoated porous (concrete – render) surfaces need a primer (and maybe with an undercoat, for best results). There are no limitations in colours; dark, or light, does not matter. Our tests show that only extreme excess of chlorine can react with pigments in the dark colours, slightly discolouring them. But the structure of the coating looks unaffected, unlike other paints. It also has reasonable flexibility, which is particularly important for flexing shells in fibreglass pools.

The product does not lose its flexibility characteristics over time.  It has great mechanical and scratch resistance, which are unmatched by the other coatings.  Life expectancy from real world exposure in arduous marine environments is past 35 years before the FIRST recoating is needed. We consider in pools, where correctly applied and maintained, (similar to epoxy criteria) a life of 10 plus years. Indeed, it’s likely a 20-year life can be achieved.  Those factors alone, are making FEVE Fluoropolymers a product of choice for pool owners now. Already over two hundred local pool owners have selected this coating system, to save time, energy and money. They want a pool that looks great for years and years, with very low maintenance needs.