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Paints for swimming pools

Applying paints correctly for maximum performance.


In order to get a lasting result with Epotec on a pool there are 3 key things to follow and a few others that assist.

Three Key factors:
  • The surfaces need to be clean; no fats, oils or dirt etc
  • The surfaces need to be stable: no drummy, soft, worn, blistered areas.
  • The product needs to be mixed, applied and allowed to cure correctly.
Note as follows: (Full details in the Application Notes
  • Use detergent and water to clean surfaces, NOT acid.
  • Remove any suspect surface: blisters, drummy areas, weak and worn areas, any cement surfaces showing rust stains.
  • Repair defects using materials designed for water IMMERSION, not for external or internal use. (These are not suitable).
  • Before coating, any surface moisture is to be removed, though damp surfaces okay so long as warm sunny day is happening.
  • Do not apply if SURFACE (not air) temperature is below 13 C and falling. Use infra-red thermometer to check surface temperature.
  • Apply coatings in the morning so as to finish by 12 noon (winter) 1 pm (summer) times. If you apply later may not cure before evening dew and thus a white bloom may occur.
  • Use slow speed power mixer and make sure no unmixed resin or hardener, ( always remains sticky if not well mixed)  before applying.
  • When applying do about 1 – 2 sq M per application. Roll (brush) into an “H” pattern so as to spread the Epotec around and lap adjoining areas. See attached sketch.
  • Note that life is related to dry film thickness, so MAKE sure evenly spread out. Otherwise some areas will wear away too soon and others will last much longer.
  • Allow to cure without dew, rain, for 8 – 16 hrs between coats or longer in winter, but no more than 72 hours.
  • After last coat wait 5 days (summer) 7 days (winter) before filling and adding chemicals. ( if you need to fill sooner, call us first)
  • Dilute or dissolve ALL chemicals before putting into pool, inc salt.
  • Ensure pool water balance kept to our recommendations for maximum life.


  • Loaded roller, middle of 1 x 2 M area, roll up or away to apply.
  • Then roll on R and L sides to apply more coating.
  • Roll across WHOLE area to move paint around and get uniform coverage.

(Repeat 2 and 3 if needed to make sure UNIFORM coating thickness).

  • Lay off in ONE direction, usually down walls and towards you on floors.
  • Move to next 1 x 2 M area and repeat, over lapping just completed areas by about 100 – 200 mm.

By following the key aspects detailed above (and those in the Application Notes) you will get a much better outcome. If not sure about anything, contact us before you start

Vertical banding, no L to R spread
Vertical banding as no L to R spreading, only vertical.
Roller lines visible on bottom
Not enough uniform spreading out , so worn off too soon in some areas.