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Paints for swimming pools

Paints for swimming pools comparison

Firstly, there are 3 main types of pool coatings: Chlorinated Rubber (pool paint, rubber paint), Epoxy (Hi Build , water based and solvent based) and Fluoropolymers.

Chlorinated Rubber: is a cheaper maintenance type of paint that lasts 1 – 2 years before needing to be recoated. Often used in council pools which are recoated each winter. It requires an absolutely dry surface, 7 – 14 days drying, is very smelly, and is not easy to use. Not recommended, if seeking a long-lasting finish. Not many private pools l have this paint on them, usually upgraded with epoxies in the last 20 years.  However, if your pool has it please call us to discuss your options and approach to get rid of it. The product is bad for the environment and should not be used full stop.

Epoxy Coatings: they come in several types. High Build epoxies formulated for swimming pools from specialist suppliers only (not sold in shops) will last much longer in pools, as designed for water immersion 24 / 7, are chlorine and other pool chemical resistant. For these coatings, all else being equal, durability relates to how thick the dry paint film is in the pool. Cheap, thin paint layers will wear off faster and will show fading. We strongly recommend light coloured epoxies, when used. We have great E4115 HB product which is true high build epoxy solvent free.

High Build Epoxy
High Build Epoxy for swimming pools


Fluoropolymers: This product has been introduced in March 2020 for pool resurfacing and we believe it will be the top choice for any pool coating application in the future.  Hundreds of Australians have already decided to use this coating for their pool since then. The product is locally manufactured and comes in great vibrant colours. In a few years, fluoropolymer coatings will be the choice for top-quality finishes for swimming pools. It is unknown when this coating will require recoating. Mechanical scratch and wear will take time to test, but we are confident that the product will hold its finish for much longer than anything else currently available.  It is the future!!!!

Paint N Forget Fluoropolymers
Paint N forget V790 fluoropolymer




We operate on the basis of letting you or your customer enjoy the pool for many years to come.  For both domestic or commercial pools will have this product applied in the thousands within a few years.  

This is because having spent all the time cleaning and preparing the surface, most homeowners do not want to get back to doing it all again anytime soon. Nor do they want an empty pool with contractors back. We assume you are of a similar mind.