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Paints for swimming pools


Pools Painted with Sky colour

Pool paint is available in a light blue called SKY. If provides a soft blue colour in most conditions, as you can see here.

Pools Painted with Bondi Mid Blue colour

Bondi is a mid blue colour and is the most popular colour for our pool paint by a long way. It gives a good colour depth without being too dark. Most commercial and community pools are coated in Bondi Mid Blue.

Pools painted with  Sapphire Dark Blue colour

Sapphire is a dark blue and is ideal for when seeking a more definite blue. It works well with any red – brown colours around the pool. (pavers etc). This is the second most popular colour. It comes in fluoropolymer option only

Pools painted with Homebush blue colour

Homebush is a dark navy blue and provides a striking colour. It will keep your pool warmer as it absorbs heat. Available in the best fluoropolymer option only!

Pools Painted with Sea Foam colour

Aqua is a very pale version of green and provides a more subtle result.

Pools painted with Wave Green colour

Wave Green creates an interesting result, being a blue – green colour. On bright days it is like the Coral Sea. Available in fluoropolymer option only

Pools painted with White

White gives a blank pallete and it will provide colours as a result of overhead conditions and the depth of the pool. As can be seen from a clear white to a mid blue.

Pools Painted with Pearl Grey colour

Pearl Grey is for when a hint of grey will do. It leaves a cool blue colour generally. It gives pool very modern look. Especially for rectangular shapes.

Pools painted with Squirrel

Very popular modern colour for new and old pools. Water will make it very attractive reflection.

Pools painted with Lava Grey colour

Lava Grey is dark grey and gives a bluish result on sunny days. It can be quite gloomy on overcast days, however. Available in fluoropolymer option only.

Pools painted with Black

Black will either gain your admiration or you won\’t go there. Can give a range of impressions depending on lighting, angle of viewing and depth of pool. Available in fluoropolymer option only.

Commercial Pools

Our Swimming pool paint has been used on a wide range of commercial and community pools over the years. Here is a selection so you can see some of the more interesting projects, where this durable coating was selected as being the best answer.

Other projects painted with our product

Our pool paints is available in a range of other colours and here are some examples of it use.