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Paints for swimming pools

Non Slip Finish

Having such a great wear and tear resistance fluoropolymers will keep their finish for much longer than any other products meaning that the surface may get slippery and will stay like that. To gain some grip, particularity on ramps and steps, we supply special non-slip media with each order. This is to be added to the last tray of paint when you apply it over the shallow are and steps if required. Mix 25 gm per one littre of paint. 

 There is another technique you can you. Apply washed and graded beach sand into a wet first coat to obliterate the underlying the paint colour. Allow to cure over night, sweep off loose material and apply a second coat to secure the sand and smooth off the surfaces somewhat. Look at the pictures below for this option.

Use a sieve or container to shake out the sand. Don’t try to make a lessor more uniform coverage. Total blinding is needed.
By total coverage of sand a more uniform non slip will be achieved.
Sweep off all loose sand.
Apply by Roller or brush an ample coat of Epotec to reduce the profile to something comfortable to walk on.