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Paints for swimming pools

Pool Repair Materials


Peerless JAL
Peerless JAL Degreaser or similar at Bunnings

Acid Etching:   

Hydrochloric acid – from pool shop or Bunnings

Algae Treatment:

Hy-Clor Algaecide or similar from pool shop or Bunnings


Grout:  For concrete type pools, as needed for repairing drummy areas, holes etc:

Cement based fillers: For concrete type pools, repairing drummy areas and (blow) holes etc: (must be suitable for water immersion).

Sealants: For moving joints, cracks.

If painting over sealants use Urethane, NOT silicone-based sealants.

Leaking concrete: (Inc Hydrostatic Pressure)


Rusted steel work:

Anticorrosive primer such Rustgard, Cold Gal, Quit Rust or Kill Rust, from paint shop

Cracks in concrete: (Small cracks non-moving) Good hardware shops.

For larger non-moving cracks – see grout, above.