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Paints for swimming pools

Rain on new painted surface

Fluoropolymers do not have known issues with water after curing for over 4 hours. There might be slight loss of finish (gloss) if ran comes too early, but it will not affect curing of the product. However, we advise waiting for dry weather while you applying the product. 

Epoxies have issues being exposed to the water too early.   During this curing time, rain and condensation needs to be kept off. If it gets wet within first two days of curing, a whitish bloom may form on the surface. This may be aesthetically unacceptable especially on the last coat, though it will not affect the curing or performance of the product. It may be left and will usually disappear after 1 – 2 months of usage. Otherwise it may be sanded off and recoated.

A “white blooming” in the last coat, which disappeared after several months of pool usage.