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Paints for swimming pools

Types of Paint

The advantages of painting you pool or spa are:

  • Decorative
  • Seamless
  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting

Compared to Tiles; paint offers a seamless finish, no tile joints to get dirty, no tiles to fall off.

Compared to an Aggregate finish (which cannot be refurbished); paint has no rough surfaces to scratch the skin, and a smooth finish for easy cleaning.

When selecting your pool paint there are two types.

Single pack, such as Chlorinated Rubber and two pack Epoxy.

To distinguish between them:

Chlorinated Rubber Epoxy
Limited colour range Extensive colour range
Lasts 2-3`years Lasts 7-10+ years
Single pack Two pack
Higher cost per year Lower cost per year
Easy to recoat Need to sand to recoat
Chalks (whitens) Yellows slightly to UV exposure
Soft surface Hard surface
High solvent content (smelly) Virtually solvent free

The Epotec Hi Build epoxy has proven to be the best, long term pool paint in Australasia, with over 20 years usage.

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