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Epoxies: those specifically designed for immersed structures and pools with chemically treated water, have much better durability 5+ years, quite easy to apply with good range of colours. Most of the swimming pools in Australia have epoxy paint on them with various results. Good paints such as EPOTEC High Build and few others show good durability and historically required recoating after 7-9 years or longer. With all epoxies there are two cons. They all erode, (wear away) that is why they must be quite thick 300+ microns when cured and good products such as EPOTEC HB provided this thickness with 2-3 coats. Cheap ones would need minimum 4 coats. Another weakness of epoxies is UV resistance. They fade, some would fade within a year, while others will take longer. But it is still durable and affordable solution for many pools.

Fluoropolymers: such as V790, we have introduced, have no such issues. It promises to be the most UV resistant coating ever. It does not oxidize in the water and keeps its finish 85% better than any other hard-wearing products. The preparation and application are almost identical to epoxies and can be applied directly over those and fibreglass. Uncoated porous (concrete – render) surfaces need a primer There are no limitations in colours; dark, or light does not matter. Our tests show that only extreme excess of chlorine can react with pigments in the dark colours, slightly discolouring them. But the structure of the coating looks unaffected, unlike other paints. It also has reasonable flexibility, which is particularly important on flexing shells in fiberglass pools. The product does not lose its flexibility characteristics over time, which also adds to mechanical scratch resistance which is unmatched with the other coatings.  Life expectancy from real world exposure in arduous marine environments is past 35 years before recoating is needed. We consider in pools, where correctly applied and maintained, (similar to epoxy criteria) a life of 10 plus years. Indeed, its likely a 20-year life can be achieved.  Those factors alone, are making FEVE Fluoropolymers a product of choice for pool owners now. Already over one hundred local pool owners have selected this coating system, to save time, energy and money. They want a pool that looks great for years and years, with limited maintenance.

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