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Pools painted with Royal Blue – Pacific colour

Please note that Pacific being a darker colour will generally create a warmer pool and will also tend to show the residues of salt and pool chemicals on the surface as white stains.  While it is resistant to UV it will tend to lighten over time.

Concrete pool restoration with EPOTEC Royal Blue in Castlecrag NSW

Justin from Castlecrag NSW had concrete pool that was painted over 15 years ago, most of the paint was gone. Good preparation and efforts made that pool look spectacular with EPOTEC Royal blue.

Ex vinyl liner pool restored with EPOTEC Royal Blue in Mackay QLD 2016

Gary from Mackay had enough of patching vinil liner pool. Stripped it off , repaired old concrete surface and painted it with EPOTEC Royal Blue (Pacific). Now he is enjoying his new pool in navy blue....

Pool renovation in Cahuna VIC 2016

Royal Blue Pacific used to bring new life to old Victorian pool.

Royal Blue - Pacific Rejuvenation

A great family pool in Cleveland (QLD) gets the DIY treatment to bring it back to life, with Epotec in Pacific.

Royal Blue (Pacific)

An attractive DIY Royal Blue result on Gold Coast. Shows the magic with the colour

Royal Blue - Pacific in Paradise, that is Surfers to you

A tired Chlorinated Rubber pool was in need of a big improvement for Christmas…so to save painting every few years the owner decided Epotec is the only way to go. He transformed his pool into an inviting resort and is now being enjoyed by the whole family with Epotec in Pacific colour. Removal of the Chlorinated Rubber over Marblesheen took some effort using angle grinder and disks. But the hard work is well worth it when you see the inviting result

Royal Blue, a REAL Blue.

Here is a recently coated pool in leafy Sydney which brings out the deep pacific blue to a great depth. The play of shaded areas with deep and shallow means an ever changing hue.

Do it yourself

Join many other Australians who have found the ideal way to economically rejuvenate their pool with a proven, hard wearing, easy clean, decorative and long lasting paint finish


Something you dont want to miss if you are responsible pool owner

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